About Us

We consider and think. 

We are inspired by life.

We read, watch, compare & learn.

We create for the informed & thoughtful.

We take sides.


The things that make us special

Words or Cuts​?

Why can't clothes with statements be statement clothes? There's much more to our clothes than the ideas they carry.


Unlike others, we like colours. We make to order so nothing has to be, and still anything can be. Think about it, talk to us.


We try to avoid traditional categorisations. "Female", "Male" & "Human" indicate a cut and not a prescription or standard.


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Other Things to Know

Skewed & Bent are dedicated to operating under ethical and envi­ron­men­tally friendly practices. 

Our catalogue offers a  variety of organic and fair wear accredited garments.

We’re very open about our commitment to our ethics  & environmental policy. If you’d like to talk to us about anything, or you have some suggestions on how we can do more, you can catch us on live chat by clicking the icon at the foot of every page.