Collection Name Changes

If you’ve visited Skewed & Bent before you may notice a few category name changes from today. We’ve decided to clean up some of the titles to bring them in line with other product naming formats.

This process might take a little while to complete and we’re really sorry if, in the short term, this causes any confusion but it will make it easier to find all associated and matching lines for our customers in the future. If you have any favourites marked the titles will change automatically, you won’t need to select them again.

This will change will affect almost all of our collections but the most noticable is “We Are Family”. The products and designs themselves haven’t changed but to make the listing and associations easier to compile the titles are changing to “Family 2“, “Family 3” & “Family 4“, with “Global Family” to appear very soon.

If you’ve lost track of something or you want to ask anything about this change you can use the contact form to send us a message or you can use the live chat button on every page.


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